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The research and development department in Sunrui Marine Environment Engineering Co., Ltd, responsible for new products, new technology research development as well as the achievements transformation and so on, relying on the key laboratory of Marine corrosion and protection of defense science and technology and its subsidiary of Qingdao, Xiamen, Sanya, Deep-sea and so on seawater test station. Development and industrialization of ballast water treatment equipment for ocean-going ships, marine sewage treatment technology, marine exhaust gas treatment technology, marine anticorrosive key technology of reinforced concrete structures and RO water use system of seawater desalination plant, and other professional direction of technology and product development work,. Own the marine environment simulation and accelerated corrosion laboratory, electrochemical laboratory, chemical analysis laboratory and surface and microstructure analysis laboratory and other research facilities.

Qingdao test station

Sanya test station

Xiamen test station

Deep-sea test station